Earn Rewards Watching TV with Viggle!

Are you a tv watcher? You can get rewarded for your habit and make those shows and movies you are watching pay off, thanks to a great app called Viggle. Viggle is easy to use and works with your existing television service.

Viggle has been available to iPhone users since January 2012, but recently in the past few weeks has finalized their beta and released Viggle for Android. Even in beta, this sweet app ran smoothly for me.

It’s really simple and easy to use. While watching tv, open the app and begin to check into your show or movie. To do this, you simply click the Viggle logo where it says “Tap here to check in”. Make sure that you are quiet so that the phone can hear the television. Viggle will listen to your movie or show and try to place what it is. If this is unsuccessful, the app asks you to try again (maybe raise your tv’s volume a bit). After 3 unsuccessful listens, Viggle allows you to manual input your show or movie.

If the Viggle app does find your show, it’ll load a new screen with a picture and the name of the show or movie title. Simply confirm your check in. That’s it. Simple as pie. Just watch your show or movie as planned and once its over by the time slotted, the Viggle app will reward your points. If you change programs during this, Viggle will update your points for the portion of the program that you watched and allow you to check into the new program.

Viggle also has a feature called Viggle Live. You can play trivia along with the program you are watching and rack up the points. They also have other live features as well. Under their What’s On tab, you can see various programs that Viggle is giving extra points for. It even lets you set reminders so you won’t miss your programs.

Viggle offers some sweepstakes, in addition to normal prizes (like a $5 gift card to Starbucks or a Kindle Fire). Since being a member of Viggle, I’ve redeemed my points for 2 Starbucks gift cards and received them instantly in the form of an e-card.

So, what are you waiting for? Make your television habit pay off for you.  Sign up for Viggle now! It’s Free and available to both iPhone and Android users.

Disclaimer: This review of Viggle is self-promoted. I have not received any compensation or payment for the writing of this review.

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