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Sometimes computers get virus or other bad malware that can cause several issues. Sometimes the damage is not noticed right away, but comes a few months down the road. I must be honest, even I get caught by surprises at times. A few months ago, I got hit by a virus. I thought I had gotten it all, but the damage had already been done. My computer now runs slow, despite the fact that it has a quad-core processor. As I write this post, I am currently transferring my files from my hard drive to my external in preparation of doing a hard drive factory restore. Being a tech junkie, I have a ton of files from programs to PDF’s as I prefer to keep a lot of information digital. As I perform this back up, several things have occurred to me so I felt that I would share them with you.

Tip 1: Have a good file system.

My files are all over the place. Finding what I want can sometimes be a royal headache. This brings me to tip 1. Having a good file system in place helps you to easily locate the file you want, especially if you are a technophile like me. If possible, get a good external hard drive. If you don’t use a file often enough or you need to store it for future use, put it on the external hard drive to help free up usable space on your computer. The more space you have to use, the better off you’ll be.

Create a file hierarchy that works for you. Make sure it is the same on your computer and any external hard drives that you have. Once you’ve set up your file system, keep to it. It only takes a couple of seconds to locate the folder where a file needs to be saved. It’s very tempting to save things to your desktop but that just clutters up your desktop and is slower in the end. Go through your files on a regular basis and keep a good back up of important documents.

For example, say you develop web projects for a living. Your file system could be called Projects. From there it is broken down by client, you could have three folders: In Progress, Final, and Paperwork. In the In Progress folder, you keep all your files as you are developing the project. In the Final Folder, you would keep all the project as a whole once it is finished, perhaps in a zip file to keep it all together. In the Paperwork folder, you could keep all the documents that are not part of the project itself.

Tip 2: Invest in an external hard drive.

This tip I can not stress enough. Not only does it help conserve space on your computer, it is handy for keeping backups on. At any time, a computer crisis can strike. We all know that technology can’t always be predictable. You can get a virus or your hard drive could fail. In either case or any other accident, having a back up is always nice, especially if it is work data. You don’t want to be working on a huge project and come in the next day and find all that work gone cause of a hard drive failure. Weeks or months worth of work can be gone in seconds. If you don’t want to invest in a hard drive, get discs to keep your back ups on. Always back up your files. Sometimes you may not have a warning that you need to save your files.

Tip 3: Make sure you have security installed.

This is another tip I can not impound enough. I am running Microsoft Security Essentials (as required by employer). I also have my Windows Defender and Windows Firewall turned on. Good security usually requires a good suite of programs, from anti-virus to a firewall. AVG Free is also a good security program that I have used in the past, as well as Comodo’s Firewall. Do your research into security suites and find one that best fits your computer use. Run scans often and keep a keen eye out while browsing the internet.

Keeping your computer maintained and virus free will ensure it lasts for a long time. Good luck and happy browsing!

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  1. Joanne says: Reply

    Great tips. I have two external hard drives but I’m having an issue with deleting information from them. I just can’t seem to do it. I guess it was formatted incorrectly.

    1. Techno Geek Mom says: Reply

      Wish I could tell you what to do that was easy. At this point, I could only tell you that is if you have room on your computer and can copy files there, to do move the files and reformat. Of course, that would take a fair amount of time.

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