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I have to admit that I am one of the most forgetful women you will ever meet. If it’s not written down somewhere or saved, I will more than likely forget about it. And going to the grocery store without a list? Pfft, yeah, something is bound to be forgotten. It’s an unfortunate situation to live with but thanks to the people at, I have found the ultimate to do list. is a well-developed web app to handle to do lists. There are no complicated multiple screens or codes to remember. You simply use regular typing as if you were typing up a document on the computer to make an outline using nothing but the keyboard. I love this site. This is a quick view of what it looks like: is so simple to use and easy on the eyes. They have both free and paid subscriptions so if you need more space than what they originally offer, you can always upgrade. With the free plan, you get up to 500 items to save, which is quite a lot for your average user. I use mine to keep up with work tasks as a freelance developer, blogging tasks to keep up with post ideas, and personal items, such as my grocery list or chores that need to be done around the house. I also have a goals section so I can keep track of any goals I set up for myself.

It is amazingly simple to use. To make subtasks under either a category or a main task, you can simply use tab to indent and shift+tab to remove an indent. Tasks can also be tagged with hash tags like #now or #important. This will link tasks with those keywords and you can also search for up at the top for now or important to find all tasks with those tags, or whatever other keywords you use. Finish a task in Just let your mouse hover over the circle before the task and when the menu pops up, just click on completed. Depending on whether you have completed to be visible or hidden (which is you can choose by a simple click on completed in the dark user bar at the top of the page), the task will either be cross out and show up a light grey, or it will disappear from the screen. If you have your completed tasks set to be hidden and you want to view these tasks, all you have to do is click on the completed section of the user bar and it will change to visible, allowing you to view your completed tasks.

You can also add notes to a task. To do this, like to complete a task, hover over the dark circle next to the task and when the menu pops up, check Add Note. A new line will show up underneath the task and you can begin to type in the associated note. This note will be a slightly lighter font color than the task itself allowing you to easily tell the difference between a task and a note.

Have a husband or wife you want to make a to do list for and share it with him? That can also be done in Again, hover over the dark circle next to the task or the main category and click share. A window will pop up and you can share via a private link. The private link will let anyone you give access to that link access without a login to the list shared. You can make it where they can just view the list or they can edit the list. If you want to share it privately via email, you will need Pro.

There are two ways to get more items at One way is free. Simply share with others the web app with your referral link. Those who join from your link, both you and the signee will get 250 more items free. To find this option, on the left side of the screen under the user bar up top is a link that says get more space. Choose the first option (Tell people about You can choose to share via Facebook or Twitter, or get your direct referral link.

The second way to get more items, plus other features, is to click the second option for Pro. With WorkFlowy Pro, you get the following features:

  • Unlimited Lists
  • Backup to Dropbox
  • Password Protected Collaboration
  • Offline Editing
  • Theme and Fonts
  • Premium Support

WorkFlowy Pro is $4.99 per month, or $49 for a year.

I have been using now for a month to keep myself more organized and not forget what tasks I need to take care of. It also has a great interface on the mobile smart phone browser so you can use WorkFlowy on the go. Currently, the only supported mobile apps by WorkFlowy are for iPhone and iPad, but an Android version is coming. So sign up for now.

Disclaimer: I have received no reimbursement or compensation from for this review. This review is my honest opinion in the time I have spent utilizing the application. All WorkFlowy links are connected to my referral link to give both you and me 250 free items.

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