Back to School: Attending Woz U

Coding Screen for School

For a while now, I wanted to return to school to increase my skills. I have my Associates of Arts in Business Administration with emphasis in Visual Communications. I am more interested in development than design however. Today, I started back to school at a new school called Woz U.

Education Tracks

Woz U is a tech-geared program inspired by Steve Wozniak who is the co-founder of Apple. The school currently only offer tracks for Full-Stack Software Developer (which is what I am taking as part of the inaugural class) and Customer Support Specialist. Over the next year or so, they intend on adding Data Science, Mobile Application, and Cyber Security. For languages, I had a choice of Java and C# and I chose to learn C# as it is more prevalent in my area of Oklahoma City.Woz U School Logo

Woz U also intends to offer an accelerator track for students who excel in the normal tracks. This track seems to focus more on setting up and running your own start-up (including how to get financing or investments). I’m not sure on what their criteria is for choosing these students, but I do hope that I am one to be invited.

About Software Developer Track

Over my time at Woz U, I will be learning a variety of skills in order to pass the certification tests needed to prove I know what I am doing to future employers. From front-end coding to web security to mobile apps, I will learn many things to make me more competitive. Woz U and business partners have teamed up to produce a curriculum of relevant skills for today’s market.

For the Younger Generation & School

The school also intends on STEAM programs for kindergarten through 12th grade as well as Woz U Certified Educators. There isn’t much information about this program at this time.

I am very excited for the Software Developer course load and I am finished today’s lesson. Expect a new article each Tuesday where I am writing about my experience. These articles are shared in case you decide this is a program worth pursuing.

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