Woz U Week 1 – Coding From Scratch

Week one at Woz U is over. My first class is Coding From Scratch. Coding from Scratch gives the very basics of:

  • HTML
  • CSS
  • JavaScript
  • Source Control

I use HTML and CSS, and some JavaScript, in my projects as a web developer so a lot of this content is not new to me. It’s been a good refresher so far even though it takes me very little time to get through the quizzes and mini projects due every couple of days.

Week One

Week one at Woz U focused primarily on HTML and CSS. I found it super easy but there are a couple of things I was reminded of that I don’t use a whole lot. I plan to put more of these types of concepts into practice in my projects in the future. Since this class is very basic, it took me just a few short hours to get through the concepts.

Live ClassWoz U Logo

The first live lecture was held with the teacher on HTML and CSS concepts covered in lessons. Using Zoom as a video conference, we were able to easily see everything she is teaching live. This is handy for beginners and I find it will be handy in future classes. The video format allows students to not only be heard and vocalize questions, but to be seen if we have our own video turned on. It gives the live class a bit more of a personal touch and makes me feel like I’m with other people rather than all on my lonesome.

Next week, we will be hitting up JavaScript. While I have used and have studied some JavaScript, I am looking forward to picking up anything I don’t know already. The topic I am most looking at delving into deeper is Source Control.

What’s Woz U? Check out my post prior to beginning my attendance!

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