Kinsa Smart Thermometer: The Health of My Family

Kinsa Smart Thermometer

The Kinsa Smart Thermometer helps me keep on top of the health of my family. We don’t tend to get sick too often, so when we do, it’s always helpful to have a quick way to see when was the last time someone was ill, what temperatures they had, and any symptoms. I absolutely love having that information at my finger tips without having to go rifling through file folders for printed medical records. The Kinsa Smart Thermometer and accompanying smart phone app are awesome tech tools for any household.

The Kinsa Smart Thermometer

I have the Kinsa Smart Stick Digital Thermometer. I got it when they first were releasing so the Smart Ear thermometer wasn’t

Kinsa Smart Thermometer
Kinsa Smart Thermometer – Smart Stick

out. In the mean time, I have tried using a variety of different thermometers, but I always come back to my Kinsa. Why? It is really easy to use and my kids love it. The stick isn’t cold in their mouths as well as being soft and flexible. While they have changed to a pouch to make Kinsa portable, mine came in a plastic case that makes storing and traveling with my Kinsa a breeze. Taking temperatures is less than 30 seconds which is a huge bonus when you have sick kids who don’t want to sit long with something hanging out of their mouths.

Another big plus to my Smart Stick is the fact that I don’t have to worry about a battery dying or not being able to read the screen. It simply plugs into the headphone jack in my phone by itself or with the extension cord. The extension cord itself is so helpful. It allows my kiddos to pop bubbles on the phone and keep them entertained while their temperature is being taken.

The Smartphone App

Kinsa Smart Themometer Companion App Screenshot
Kinsa Smart Thermometer Companion App

The Kinsa app is what makes this thermometer truly worth my time. As I mentioned, it gives the kids something to do while waiting for their temperature to be registered. My biggest love of the app is the record keeping. It does so much more than just record my family’s temperatures. I can keep track of when medicines are taken and how much. I can keep track of symptoms and know when we were last sick. Also, I can set reminders for when it’s time to take medications. Temperatures can be manually added (like say the doctor takes one and you can add it to their history). Photos and notes can be added to the timeline as well.

The smart phone app just does so much! Have little kids who are into Sesame Street? They have an options in the settings that you can turn on their Sesame Street function and Elmo pops up at the top of some of the screens.

Kinsa also runs communities where people who have Kinsa thermometers can get an idea of if something is going around at a school or community. I can log into the app and go to my daughter’s elementary school and get a heads-up view of if things are good or not. So handy during the winter when illness is running rampant cause we are all cooped up inside.

Overall It’s Great

I heartily recommend the Kinsa Smart Thermometer. Being able to keep records and easily use my system is huge in today’s world. If you aren’t a fan of oral thermometers, Kinsa now offers a Smart Ear thermometer. A plus to the Smart Ear is that it doesn’t have to be plugged in to use it (I have not used this thermometer).

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